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Two major process manufacturers usually use while cutting material include water jet cutting and laser cutting services. Both cutting services are efficient in giving precise parts. First, it is significant to examine basic differences among process and materials they work efficient with. Here in this article, let me explain you detailed information about water jet cutting and laser cutting services.

Look on laser Cutting services

Laser cutter depends on gas laser like CO2 laser, for energy. CO2 will be transmitted via beam that is guided via mirrors and directed towards material. With CO2 lasers, laser source will be situated inside machine and beam can produce 1500 and 2600 Watts. Applications and materials and also safety and precision are the significant factors to think regarding when think about laser cutting.

Materials and Applications
Laser cutting services work fine with different type of materials like glass, plastic, wood and metals. Laser cutter do fine with materials which range among 0.12” and 0.4 in thickness and widely used to slice flat-sheets of medium thickness steel. Normally, CO2 laser cutter works cutting, drilling, welding, engraving, structuring and ablation. It is effective method when comes to cutting materials to get precise parts.

Precision and Safety
Precision is key point for every materials output. Of course, it can be obtained using laser cutting services. It is not issue in laser cutting, with minimum-size of cutting-slit attaining 0.006”, based on hustle of laser. Thinner work pieces might suffer from gas-pressure if correct distance can’t be sustained and partial burning may occur. The overall risk concerned in working with laser-cutting technology is too low. Anyways, when considering about its benefits it doesn’t matter it. If you are searching for ideal services then, here is the way go for obtaining laser cutting services Coimbatore.

Know about water Jet Cutting services

Unlike laser cutter, water jet cutting technology use pressurized water to slice material. To enhance cutting capability, abrasives like aluminium oxide and garnets are often added. High pressurized water can be used and passed via nozzle thereby it flow on materials that to be cut. It is highly beneficial as it would not produce heat-affected zone and it is known to be cold cutting process. Unlike laser cutting, where laser is situated inside machine, pump and work areas are often separate.

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Material and Applications
Water jet cutter is ideal tool to use for cutting various types of materials. It usually performs structuring, cutting and ablation, exclusively with materials like stone, thick metals and ceramics. Materials that range in thickness between 0.4” - 2.0” benefit using water jet cutting.

Precision and Safety
Water jet cutting also provides precise parts by cutting materials using pressurized water with minimum cut-size slit of .02”. Due to the high-level of force utilized, small, thin, parts do not charge well and should be handled carefully. Though, thermal stress is not a problem and burring does not occur in cut, the facade of material can appear sand-blasted thus the result of added abrasive towards water-jet and spectacles must be worn to guard the face and eyes. Water jet cutting services is efficient when comes to cutting soft materials.

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